Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to make your child rich

Some lucky child could be rich whereas they still young. The child rich must get good education from the parents. The parent has success to make the child rich.
In my country, a kid could generate money from his father. The father has taught them investment lesson.
Certainly, you can also make your child rich. To make your children rich you can give them money or you can teach them about business. 
1. Teach them some education
You can direct them to love some science. Explore what your child's talent. Few kid can generate money from games, software, anti virus, and others. Some talented writer have written the book while they were child. The best seller book can generate million dollars. In my country, a pair kid build an English language games for kids. He won the prize. I believe the kids can gain so much money.
2. Buy the land for them
The land price is never go down. It is a good investment for your child future. You can make property or estate above the land. Building a farm crop is also good idea amid the house price is low. Farm crop can produce cereal, fruit, and vegetables that you can it to the market.
3. Buy antique things
Some people can generate million dollars from unique things. There are baseball or basketball that is very expensive. Be sure to buy the original. You can save for your kids now and your kids might sell it someday high price.  
4. School the child
Education is the important things for the kids. Most success people are graduated from university. The university and college does not guarantee you get the right and good jobs. However, the university teach you about how to make money and how to life in this world. Some university start the business rather than finding a job. They prefers to apply the business knowledge from the university. They are more wealth than their friend who work for the company. The university direct them become successful businessman.
5. Investment
Some parent buy blue chip stock for the children future. Those investment can pay dividend every year. Some parent may get spectacular benefit.
In past time. the parent save some precious metal or stone. The kids could be rich by inherit those things. The parent should save it at safest place.
Rich is a destiny according to my opinion. No matter how you try, you still be poor if your destiny is poor. How to make your child rich

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