Sunday, June 17, 2012

Investment in Collectibles

Collectibles may be not a good investment recently due to the crisis economic. People avoid buying luxurious things including collectibles because they need money for other important needs.
If you have so much money, you can buy some collectibles. When the economic recovery, you can sell the collectibles at high price. There are some collectibles that you can use as long term investment, such as:
1. Coin
The coin has been used by Roman Empire before Christmas born. The Ancient Greek also used the coin as the transaction tools. The oldest coin is found in Lydia, Turkey. Along time ago, people use precious metal such as gold and silver as the coin material. The coin was a valid payment at that time. People can buy cattle, cloth, crystal glass, with that coin. Some coins were also made by cupric.
Some collectors keep the coin for their collections. The old and rare coin price is so expensive far from its nominal value. 
United States also old gold coin.
2. Weapon
Some weapon has history value. There are so many antique weapons from middle ages to civil war era. The collector find Flintlock riffle that was the modern riffle in the era. Some colt or revolver from 18th century or Wild West era is a good collectible too. Some country forbids the firearm collection you need to get permission before collecting firearm.
The sword is also famous collectibles too. Most swords were used by important people or famous people. In my country, the old sword price is so high. Only
3. Stamp
British was the first country that use stamp for post service. The oldest stamp in the world is British stamp.
4. Money
Paper money is also a good collections. Keep the paper money in money album. The old money price is expensive too if you can keep the conditions of the collections. 
5. Painting
The old painting that was made on middle age is very expensive. Its price could reach million dollars. Some famous painter also creates million dollar painting. 
6. Sport Card
United States print card for basketball and baseball. The card contain the information about the player and his photo. The famous player cards worth million dollars such as Babe Ruth Baseball card or Shaquille O'Neal basketball card.
If you got the uniform, you can keep it. Someday, you may sell it to the collector or fans. The uniform must be expensive if you sell it to the collector.
Some player also has winner ring that is very valuable.
You can collect some antique things for long term investment. You must remember that the collection is not liquid investment. We can sell it when we meet the right buyer and we cannot sell anytime we want.

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