Thursday, June 21, 2012

Should I receive less paycheck

As the consequently of the high unemployment, some company decide to recruit low paying employee so they can trim down the company expenses. It is important for the company to reduce the cost, reminding their revenue has decreased since the crisis occurs.  The raw material cost is skyrocketing. Some government also increases the tax to increase budget.
Some fresh graduate may accept the jobs to find the experienced but some experienced employee may refuse the jobs.
Working for low salary may decrease the experience works bargain. Some economic or finance expert also said that some jobs has high opportunity cost, meaning you will lose some opportunity by taking the jobs. It is more terrible than being unemployment.
The experienced have ever enjoyed a high salary so it is difficult for them to accept low salary. They own house or car. They go to office by car. They prefer to find other jobs or opening a business. Opening a business can generate more money but you need capital to start it. Some unemployment can make money higher from business than when they are still working for the company.
If you have no money and business, you should take any jobs. In my country, a fresh graduate want to works for $65 a month. They have no choice. Some big company just want experienced employee only. The money is not enough for the employee necessity. However, they can save some spending by living with the parent. The paycheck is just enough for transportation, a cloth, and, lunch. They sacrifice to works for four hours than they can find other jobs. Some employee is success to do this strategy. I have ever seen that a doctor degree promote himself to work for food. He has no jobs so he needs some food. Asking other people or become a burglar is not a good way A burglar may generate thousand dollar a month but your pride will decrease. Perhaps, you will meet your family, neighbor, your lecture, your ex wife and else.
There are some benefits when you work for a company or firm whereas you just get little money, such as:
1. You still have a job
No matter how much your money that you will get, you still have job now. You can answer to someone who asks you where your occupation is. Your pride is still high if you have a job, even some people may mock you due its low salary. You can explain them where you works and how you works.
Perhaps you do not like stay home. By taking the jobs, you can go to office everyday. It might make you happy.
2. Your brain still work
An unemployment brain must does not work well because they do not use it. Perhaps they do not know how to sum the number with excel or spreadsheet. You may forget to copy a file or download a file.
Working can increase your knowledge and experience that will increase your value and expertness. The knowledge that you get from university may be different with your jobs. You will be able to work with words and spreadsheet. Some company may consider your experience to increase the paycheck. Someday you will be hired some good company that pay you high.
Staying at home without doing anything makes you crazy. Some people stress because they have no jobs. They become alcoholic because they drink too much. They think the alcohol can help them from unemployment. 
3. You get a network
By working, you will get new friend. Not all friends are a good man but you can get a few good men who help you. I get some friend in the university where I teach there. He asks me to teach at the school where he led. I am happy to hear that.
Surely, you should build a good relationship with your friend. Do not ever cheat them and make them down. Your reputation will be bad once you disappoint them.
Someday you need them. You can offer your business or stuff to them. You can also offers consultant service if you build a consultant company.
4. You get the project
Some jobs also offer the project to the employer. The projects are important to stream more income. You will work some jobs that make your experience and skill better.
5. You receive money
Is your salary enough? I am pretty sure it is not enough; however, you can save the money penny by penny. Use it to apply the other jobs. You can also use it to starting a business. It is better to get $100 than nothing. You can give it to your mother if you live at her house.

If you have no job at all, you have taken the jobs. I believe you will not satisfy with the paycheck, however, you can find other ways to stream other income. You can also start business such as online business to add your income.Some employee does the jobs after working hours. I heard a blogger still work though they just receive little dollar from it. He worked at the day and write at the night. When he got thousand dollars from blogging, he stops working. 
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