Monday, July 23, 2012

Why people fail to reach financial freedom

They have good jobs and they have much saving. They also contribute to retirement fund. They have done what the financial experts suggest. However, the people cannot reach the wealth or financial freedom. How about people who have no jobs? They must be suffered.

Here are some reasons why they fail:

1. Cannot get the right jobs
We live when the high unemployment rate is so high. The opportunity to getting jobs is low. Some people prefer to open a business rather than waiting the office asks them for an interview.
For unemployed people, they are difficult to save or invest because they have nothing. Some of them depend on the parent gives or they become homeless. They hope from people bless in street.
2. Adaptable
I saw so many businesses can adapt no matter the regime who lead the country. They are adaptable to any business condition. Either communist or democracy government, the businessman can earn high profit.
As the individual, we should be adaptable with the economic situation. The high inflation does not affect this kind man. He or she may replace the investment or saving that can earn profit in the inflation. They will change the business core when the inflation is very high.
3. Marketable skill
While some doctor cannot generate money, a teenager can generate thousand dollars in a month. In my country, there are so many young writers who have published dozen books. The young writer usually writes teen fiction.
If we have a marketable skill, we will not starve. Though you have no jobs, you can sell your skill to the company or other people.
Find that skill that only few people masters it. The people will find the people with skill.
4. Has no planning
Most people have no planning where they go. They are difficult to reach financial freedom because they do not know what they should do. They may be a high paying employee.
Set your planning today. Let say, you want a master degree or real estate for next five years. You will be motivated to gain the money. Set some part salary for master degree and real estate. 
5. Destiny
I do not blame the God that has made people poor. The man could not change the destiny no matter how hard they try. However, you should work hard to reach financial freedom. There are so many opportunity in the world. Do not be desperate to work until you get what you want.
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