Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to become financially stable

Diversify your income
A man should have more than one source income due tight economic. We cannot depend on salary only that your company have not increased it year to year. Some employee save a part of salary to build a business with the friend or colleague. They can work for the business after working from office. It does not disturb their jobs in the office.
If you are busy, you can invest your money to reliable friend. They may share the profit with you. While, you are still working, your friend will send money to you.
Is it enough to generate income from two source? No, you can expand other source. You can buy some asset such land, car, boat, and others.
Get money from various income types.
Most employee get monthly salary that is derived from the boss. The high salary base on our contributor to the company. The manager level employee can get higher salary than the staff. The company also employ the expert with high salary.
Due to economic tight, some company reduce the employee. The employee who depend on salary will got nothing. They just receive pension rate. If the company are kind, they may give severance that can we use to find other jobs.
Speaking about financially stable is not complete without talking about spending. To reach financially stability, the people should manage the spending well.
The debt usually may affect the instability. When the interest rate high, we need more money to pay the debt. Allocate the money to settle the debt soon. If you have excess money you can settle all of debt. Perhaps, you will get penalty but it will enlighten you next day.
The increase of good also may disturb the financially stable. They can make flexible budget to anticipate the increases goods. There tips to reduce the spending such as buying in bulk, using coupon, and others.

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