Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Golden Rule for Financial Prosperity

Every world citizen wants to financial prosperity. They try to work hard to achieve a financial prosperity. Here is the golden rule of financial prosperity:

1. Stream multiple incomes
The Salary or paycheck that you receive from your boss may be not enough for you. You can find other source to support your living cost. Some employee may find side jobs that they can do after arriving home. The blogging may be also a good ways to stream few dollars.
There is trend in my country; the younger employs prefer to stop working as the employer.
2. Shelter
People who are unable to own the house must be uncomfortable. They have to hire the house or apartment to other people. If the owner expels you from house, you can do anything. They have the house.
In my country, some rich man proud for their much house. They buy so many houses at different place. They rent the house to other people.
3. Vehicle
In Java culture, a man should have a ride. That is why the motorcycle is very salable in Indonesia where the most Java lives at there. They often use motorcycle leases. We just need $50 for down payment and we can pay the residual of the credit on three years. Using motorcycle is very economist. You just need a liter of gasoline a day. However, the motorcycle is high risk. Over 60% traffic is caused by motorcycle.
Having a motorcycle may be not enough for you. A good cheap car can bring you to office. You do not have to buy a luxury car though you have million dollars in your pocket.
4. Avoid debt or loan
A man should not ask the loan or borrow money from others especially consumer debt such as vehicle, TV, and others. If you want borrow to growth the business, you can consider it.
My business guru refuses the loan proposal of his student that require loan. He said that the student should sell the asset that the student had. He wanted to borrow the student if the student has no anything.
The student must be disappointed with my guru but he did what the guru said. He sold his asset such as motorcycle, cell phone, and others. After three years, his business has grown. He has a good car.
From this illustrative, my guru want to teach that we should avoid debt.
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