Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Benefit of being financially stable

When we want to office, we use a car. When we are going to home, we have a comfort house that shelther us and our family. We can buy anything when we are in financially stable. Even bad economic cannot affect the man. Though money cannot buy everything, some benefit that you will get when you are in financially stable, such as:

1. Peace of mind
Some people whose has abundant money cannot get peace. However, most people whose has no money often difficult to fulfill daily necessity. They think on how to fulfill they need everyday. Sometimes, they owe money to people or bank. Surely, they must payback the loan with interest and it make them unpeace. Perhaps the debt collector often ask you to settle the debt fast because you have delay the payment. The bad news is they can seize your house whereas it is only your house. You can be a homeless people who live at the street or under the bridge.
On the other hand, the people whose has financially stable does not need to owe money. They can use the money to fund the kids college, buy car, buy house, and else. They know how to manage the income and the expenses well.
2. Independent
Some bad man often persuade the poor people to do something bad. The bad man said that the poor man will get some money if they help the bad man to stealth the armored vehicle. The poor man will do what the badman order because he does not have money. When the police arrested them, the police will not release you due your lack of money.
On the other hand, the financially stable can decide their attitude. The other people cannot change their mind. They are independent.
As long they use money wise, they can be wealth. They can have a good jobs, house, car, holiday, and else. Those needs need more money. They have sufficient food at home and they also share their luck to unlucky person.
The crisis cannot affect the financially stable man. They still can generate the revenue while some people struggle hard to find dozen dollars.
4. Help Others
When you have financially stable, you can help other. Some of them build a business that need the employment. They often recruit fired employee from the neighborhood. The employee can get month salary and they can pay for mortgage, and other debt.
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