Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Preparation for employee who wan to be free lancer

The employee who want to shift to freelancer has to make some preparations. They may adapt with new jobs that is different with previous jobs.
Here are the preparations:
1. Mental
Most freelancers do not get salary from the company. The employee who are use to receive salary must be confused.
The new freelancers should adjust a new budget that is different with previous budget. The new freelancers should sacrifice to cut some "Unnecessary" spending. When the freelancers generate more money, they can adjust the budget again.
The freelances who have married with children must tell the wife and children. Some wife may refuse the freelances husband due his unstable salary. If you are able to persuade her, She may allow you to become freelancer.
2. Promote yourself
Tell your friend that you are an expert. I have offers accounting service to my friend on facebook. Even he did not respond my offering, some facebook friend reply the wall. I believe they will use my service someday.
Most businessman also create business name card and spread them to friend or colleague.
The card name has company logo or brand. This is a way to promote yourself. It is not expensive to create card name. There are microsoft publisher that assist you to create a name card.
3. Create a schedule
A Freelancer does not mean you can work whenever you like. You should create schedule so you can work well. The schedule make you different from unemployment.
Set the target when you finish the project. Let say you write three hours a day. The remain five days is for reading, promoting the blog, making photo, and else. A writer should read the book or surfer at internet to enrich the knowledge and insight.
4. Optimize your blog and website
The blog can be a good place where you can display your jobs and project. Some good website has some company profile that describe the company well. Add some company that has used your service. Surely the visitor want to know where they can contact you. Add some telephone number or cell phone to your website.
Provide the guest book so the visitor may ask something about you. Perhaps they want make sure that you are the expert.
5. Find the mind-like friend
Use social networking to find mind-like friend. They may give some useful feedback to
Perhaps they need your service to make something. You can charge consultant fee to them.
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