Friday, July 20, 2012

How to generate money when you are between jobs

When the company decides to fire you in order to efficiency, you should make the step to find other jobs. Finding a jobs need time. Sometimes we should wait other jobs for years. Surely, waiting jobs is not a good activity. It makes you sick and wastes your times. Here are some activities that can make money while you are between jobs:

1. Find part jobs
Some people may offer mowing yard to the house that have large year. Perhaps the owner will be kind to you and give little dollar to you.
Visit the veterinaries near your house. He or she may need assistance to hold the cat or dog. The veterinary may need someone who wants to bath, sit, and walk with dogs.
2. Surf the internet
Some people dream get thousand dollar from blog or website. This a internet era where people can sell or buy through online. If you have no much money, you can sell other website stuff such as Amazon, eBay, and else. You can get 4% each you can sell the stuff.
There are some website that offers little dollar. Five dollar that you can get from the internet may be useful for buying some bread, milk, cookie, pampers, and others.
Some survey also pay you little dollar. It is not difficult to do that. You just choose or select the option.
3. Garage Sales
Having some useless items? Why do not you sell the items? It is better than let the items damage at your garage. Perhaps your family saves some antique stuff at the garage. Save the money from garage sales for food or transportation cost to find new jobs.
4. Volunteer
There are some non Government Organization that seeks the volunteer. You may work as volunteer to get paid five dollars a day. It is not much but you can get benefit by working as volunteer. You can add your volunteer work on your curriculum vitae or your portfolio. The company may appreciate the volunteer than unemployment.
5. Open a business
It is not wrong to start the business after the boss fire you. Old age is not a reason for you to stop trying. Why do not you start business from your hobby? Perhaps you have some toys or train.
Use your saving to open a business. Perhaps you will be success with business. Some people can be success after the boss fires them. Now, they have own business and employ some people.

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