Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to make money by not selling anything

To generate money, people must sell something either stuff or service. An mechanic can get paid after repairing other people vehicle or machine. An ice cream shop can get money after the child buy a con of ice cream. However, the are some things you can do to generate money without selling anything.

1. Articles
Create 400 word articles or 1000 word articles. There are someone who want to pay your articles. The blogger or website owner that have not time to write the article. As the native, you can make an article in twenty minutes. Let say, the article price is one dollar. You can make ten bucks if you can sell ten articles.
Offers your service to other blog or website. They may be attracted with your article.  Alternatively, you can find people who want your article at guru or elance.
2. Paid To Click or Paid to Read
You should not write article. Just read article and click the ads. You will get $ 0,01 each clicks. Unfortunately, most PTC is scam. The website (ptc owner) want to collect money from people who click the ads.
I have ever tried but it make me sick. The article at the website is the junk article. It well write but there is few knowledge. The payment is also low. We can withdrwaw the money after seeing 1000 articles. However, the website limits the ads that we can click up to five times only a day.
3. Paid to Survey
Some researcher want to research a subject such as marketing, politic, communication, finance and others. The researcher may give little dollar for it. It does needs hard work to do that. Answer the question that has been provided by the researcher. You just cross the option or answer the question with few words.
4. Affiliate marketing
Some people can sell other stuff on website or blog. It may not easy to collect dollar from affiliate marketing; however, you may try it. Create a good blog or website that has high traffic. You can use social networking such as facebook or twitter to generate money. The visitor may click the link and buy the stuff. Some blogger can generate dozen to thousand dollars from this way.
Making money by selling anything does not provide many options. Therefore, you are better to find money by selling anything that you have. You can sell your idea in the shape of proposal, book, e-book, blog and others.
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